Never Summer (teaser)


Never Summer

A sports human drama documentary following the weekend warriors of NeverSummer. The members of NeverSummer gather once a week to shred the mountains of North-East.  These weekend warriors ride to breathe life into their spirits and to seek some sort of balance in their lives.  The story follows seven members of this club on and off the snow.  In order to document their devotion for snowboard over time, and how being a snowboarder influence their perception of life and aftereffects, we've opted to run our production for several seasons.  The production started in 2015, and it's projected to continue for at least two more years. 

Director of Photography: Danny Yoon, James Bang
Stock footage contribution: KASO members
Art Director: Stella Min
DIT:  Mark Kim
Editor:  James Bang


Writer, Director:  James Bang
Producers:  Stella Min & James Bang 

Genre:  Documentary
Projected Runtime: 1:30 minutes
Shooting Format: HD 

Sam, Kenny, Andrew, Kevin, Kaie, David, Kay, + Members of Never Summer Group



It's 5:30 AM. A cold Winter Saturday morning at a Dunkin Donut off the Route 46 in New Jersey.  The members of NeverSummer, NeSum, a snowboard club, gather to travel to Mount Snow resort in Vermont. Hot pink, bright yellow, neon green, their colorful snowboarding outfits have been their fashion statement since it's inception, fourteen years ago and it’s no different today. Forty plus colorful snowboarders are excited and looking forward to rejuvenating their spirits!  

Every member makes an effort to invest time on oneself. A father of two teenagers, who has a full time job, carves out a Saturday every two weeks to come and snowboard with the group and sometime he bring his teens to ride with them. A salesman, working six days a week, comes to snowboard on his only day off. An investment banker, working 60 hours a week, hasn’t missed a Saturday and he comes with his wife.  There must be a great reason, to get up at 4:00AM in Saturday mornings, to get ready, meet up and drive up several hours to just ride. 

Snowboarding is an individual sport, but not for 'NeverSummer.'  It’s a team play. As sun rises, fourteen cars travel in unison through the highways. They stop at rest areas together, then the journey continues until they reach the destination. They gear up together at the parking lot, music blasting and laugher erupting. Once ready they move as a unit. They all meet at the summit for the first run. This is one of their rituals. They ride the longest and the easiest trail together. Over the years they have mastered a way to ride together.  Regardless of their skills there is a high dosage of adrenaline pumping in their veins, floating in absolute and positive energy – an inexplicable rush. They feed from each other vibes as forty or so comrades carve down the mountain as one. 

What unite them is not just snowboarding, but their determination to balance life with play. Their occupation, age, social status, political and religious point of views, which defines them out the window. They accept each other as brothers and sisters unconditionally and they have a strong fellowship on and off the mountain. And on paper they have absolutely nothing in common, they share an important value in life, "to a live a little." This documentary will explore their passion snowboarding and how it affect their everyday lives.